Juwel, Schmuck[stein], Sc…

Kleinod: Juwel, Schmuck[stein], Schmuckstück, Wertgegenstand, Wertsache, Wertstück; Geschmeide; Preziosen; Glanzstück, Kostbarkeit, Perle, Schatz; Prachtexemplar, Prachtstück, Sahnestück, Schmuckstück; Juwel; Bijou; Highlight

Hier Bilder vom Photoshooting, welche für die neuen Flyer gemacht wurden  (Hannah Jung Photographie)


über Sandras Kleinod

Sandras Kleinod

Sandra Strueber

Oeffnungszeiten: Di-Fr. 11-14 & 15-18 Uhr, Sa. 11-14 Uhr
Rambergstrasse 32, 30161 Hannover

Edle Unikate zum Verlieben
Geldbeutel, Kulturbeutel, Schminktaschen, Taschen: Alles bei Kleinod ist ein Unikat. Aus alten Stoffluftmatratzen, Tischdecken, Bettwaesche, Handtuechern, alten Armeetaschen und Handarbeiten werden hier liebevoll wunderschoene Einzelstuecke kreiert. Edle Taschen verschiedener Ledersorten verfeinern das abwechslungsreiche Sortiment. Das Design ist bunt und funky bis edel und schlicht. Und bietet fuer jeden ein persoenliches Lieblingsstueck.

Abgerundet wird das Sortiment durch wechselnde Designer und feine Antiquitaeten.


Kleinod (english = „treasure“)

Precious uniques you will fall in love with

No matter if old air mattresses, dirndl fabrics, army bags or grandma’s lace borders, there is hardly any material you will not find in „Sandra’s Kleinod“ with her lovingly embroidered purses, colorful toilet bags, stylish cushions, bags and a lot of other wicked accessories. There is no fabric that does not fit in the prey pattern of this avowed hunter-gatherer. The credo of the art designer for her label „Kleinod“ is: Offbeat material meets a lot of devotion to detail and eagerness to experiment. The result is a potpourri of lovingly created uniques. If precious or funky, traditional or very simple: Everyone will find his/her personal favorite item in Sandra’s collection. Who is spoilt for choice can avoid the decision by choosing the turnaround-bag.

Recyclability and environmental compatibility are essential for the designer. Many artists share her opinion and equip their collection with characteristic soft toys, untreated jewelry, and unusual objects of art.

Beautifying things and rooms with recycled materials – what has begun as a hobby became a mission for the artist a long time ago. People who experience her „Kleinod“ will soon recognize the passion she puts behind her works. Every material is chosen carefully, every piece of art is designed and treated individually.

With her small but nice shop in the Rambergstrasse, Sandra finally found the appropriate scenery to produce, expose and sell her picturesque range of products. No matter if you want to buy or just take a look: Visiting „Kleinod“ is a must for you if you like fancy ideas, or if you just want to see how curtains, bathrobes and towels look like as purses and co.